• We are C-Wise

    We make the most of our adventurous journey evolving around 'C', offering you our Creative, Communicative and Customised services!
  • What we do

    We produce outstanding bespoke concepts and programs in the UK, Ireland and Worldwide for business, leisure and incentive purposes.
  • How we do it

    With over 20 years’ experience, established supplier network and incredible negotiation skills, our events create unforgettable memories.
  • Why we do it

    Driven by our own inquisitiveness and creativity, we never stop having fun delivering new projects and are simply crazy about our work.

Our Story

October, 2016
Exciting chapter! C-Wise brand is born, when 'C' stands for much more than 'Conference'! Creative travel, Concierge services, Customised events and more!
January, 2015
We have grown and moved into a new fancy office in Fulham Green with great views over London and the Thames. We are still called 'ConferenceWise'.
June 2013
Cutting of the red ribbon as Valerie Kosh joins the company with a big plan to add, twist and develop! It was a start of a new life at ConferenceWise.
January 2007
Appearing in the local newspapers of Marbella posing with the Lady Mayor and making destination statements whilst attending the Meet & Talk Forum.
May 2002
Celebrating the 10th anniversary by organising a Large Microsoft event in the South of Spain, as well as managing a major IT roadshow around Europe.
August 1997
We have counted 50 loyal and valued corporate accounts in our books, including ABN AMRO, Microsoft and Boston Consulting Group – absolutely thrilled!
May 1992
A couple of energetic young people decided to open one of the first venue finding agencies in the country! It was named ConferenceWise Limited!
March 2016
Having expanded into European, American, Asian and CIS markets, we head off to Dubai and Middle East with a firm VIP and MICE mission! Wish us luck!
November 2013
Our first venture in the Big World of Exhibitions – we had our own stand at EIBTM in Barcelona, introducing our ideas to clients from all over the world.
July 2011
Peter Schmid practicing acting skills as he became Mr. Pringle during a three-day event for the Pringles brand of Procter & Gamble. We had a blast.
March 2004
Moving the office from Slough to South West London, so we could be closer to our City based Clients, centrally located venues and industry events.
September 2000
The year of the Millennium and we have our first Royal Engagement, as we meet the Queen… Only a look alike this time, but still it was a good start :)
July 1996
Our first award! Being presented with a silver platter, describing ConferenceWise as one of the best UK agents of the year. Much more to come!

Our Team

For more than 20 years we’ve been successful because WE CARE!
We are a bunch of crazy people connected with a strong passion for delivering exceptional service.

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