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C-Wise Hipsters hit London!

Being a very creative team has dozens of pros and one con – it’s hard to surprise C-Wise with anything 😊
However, this Christmas party has absolutely taken everyone aback and we rocked it!

Our Managing Director Valerie West has once again proven how crazily creative she is in inventing incredible activities. We have all received an email prior to the party to dress up as a trendy hipster! Yes – HIPSTER!!!

While everyone did their best to “dress to impress” the Oscar went to our CEO Peter Schmid who turned up in a
cool wig and even pierced his ear to go along with the concept. This is what you call true commitment!
As Peter walked the streets of London the look on people’s faces was as if they have seen a popular celebrity.

So off we go on our adventure trying to guess what challenges we would face. Will it be a graffiti masterclass in a trendy Shoreditch? Or a smoky cocktail class? Perhaps, we would be Breaking Bad or Escaping the room? We guessed it all wrong..

As we arrived to Embankment area our other guesses were London Eye private capsule or maybe speed boats adventures. Little did we know until Valerie stopped us next to the most famous and coolest skateboarding sites in Southbank. Well, after all, Valerie did say to bring sports shoes!

We would be learning to skateboard!

We had to stretch ourselves to do some amazing stunts, really push ourselves out of our comfort zone’s and amaze the onlookers with what the C-Wise team can do when we work as a team!

An absolutely smashing experience which none of us will ever forget!

As our adventure continued, we ended up in Shoreditch (at least we guessed the location but could we expect the next challenge to be what it was? Errr….NO!).
We were taken to a private dining room where our artistic experience began. Joined by a local illustrator we were all given skateboard and markers and were asked to create! We have all drawn a personalised design on our skateboards and have definitely discovered a lot of talent at C-Wise and as one would confirm we are a Team of Many Talents.

Our next challenge was least expected although we did think there could be a good cause activity involved. After all, it’s Christmas time and everyone could do with a little magic!
We have been taken to a small but famous local art studio in Shoreditch where we had to organise a mini-party to raise people’s awareness about art and how 25% of all artwork sold in the shop would be donated to a children’s charity. Split into teams we had to get drinks, bring people in and look after them and guess what?? We had a sale! 😊 An absolutely wonderful sale when a young couple purchased a beautiful set of 3 skateboards designed by a famous artist.

We were very much touched and proud by our contribution and definitely look forward to doing it again!

To finish off the evening we spent the most wonderful and magical evening in a private house which is an antique shop during daytime and an experience venue in the evenings. 😊
We had a chance to look at the wine cellar, the kitchen, the gorgeous antique items and experience a true Victorian dinner cooked with the best recipes from the Victorian era! Picture that – a fireplace cracking, a candle-lit room, fresh fir tree branches on the table decorated with mandarins and pomegranates… It did feel as if we spent an evening in someone’s house who invited us for a celebration. To wish ourselves good luck we burnt fir tree branches in the fireplace and of course sang Christmas carols and had joked and laughed all evening.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year and we wish that in every heart there is a place for a little bit of MAGIC!

Best Wishes, The C-Wise Team x – (Also known as the best looking hipsters in London!!)