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St. Andrews, the hidden gem!

Located on the East coast of Scotland, just a 2-hour drive away from Edinburgh (1 h in train), is St Andrews, a small ancient town brimming with prestige and history.  It doesn’t matter where you look you will be amazed by the stunning stone buildings, and a city like this could not be overlooked by […]

Croquet Breakfast Party in the heart of Moscow

We live in the world of never ending surprises, unique ideas, different solutions and strong loyalty! From our own proposals and clients’ events – to the way we approach and entertain our own customers…  This year our trip to Moscow was different from any other ones, as we decided to bring English ‘outdoors lifestyle’ to […]

What is it like to be Laura Roca?

– Laura, I can’t believe you went diving with sharks, you must be crazy! – I work at C-WISE, obviously I am crazy! This was a quick dialogue today in the office, where Laura’s recent holiday adventure was brought up. And it’s true, we couldn’t dream of the crazier and buzzier person to be a […]

Don't Stop Believing!

“Don’t Stop Believing!” Here at C-Wise we love being experts in energising and engaging and our Managing Director, Valerie, is no exception, so she took it upon herself to show us what we want C-Wise to be all about. Her mission? To energise and engage the C-Wise team! Just 3 days before the party everyone […]

Sustainable experience in London

We have some amazing news!!! London is officially becoming the world’s first National Park City! Which means a perfect balance of urban, green and natural! We could not be happier, and in order to celebrate this and help to make the capital greener, healthier and wilder, we are launching our new program – sustainable experience […]