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Don’t Stop Believing!

“Don’t Stop Believing!”
Here at C-Wise we love being experts in energising and engaging and our Managing Director, Valerie, is no exception, so she took it upon herself to show us what we want C-Wise to be all about. Her mission? To energise and engage the C-Wise team!

Just 3 days before the party everyone in the office received the email we were all waiting for. Everyone jumped to their laptops, racing to open the email which would explain what we would be doing for our Summer party however, in true C-Wise fashion, Valerie made sure not to give the surprise away and only hinted at what we would be doing.

On Thursday morning we all met on the steps of the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel and made our way down to our meeting room with our only clue being ‘Piano Effect’. Again, it was made sure we were given tricky clues. Of course! Because that would take the fun out of the surprise?! But boy oh boy did we find out some incredibly exciting news about the future of C-Wise!

Whilst talking about the exciting news and trying to guess what else we could have had in store over a glass of bubbly and various platters, Valerie stood up and told us we would be making our way to King’s Cross area. “King’s Cross area” we all thought? What could we possibly be doing there?
We made our way down the stairs of Regent’s Canal to our very own darling little canal boat, where we whipped out a bottle of champagne, blasted music and danced under the glorious sunshine.

Our little boat glided us along the canal, and we finished our ride in Camden. Our next clue? ‘Hidden & Deep’. We were told to dress comfy and to be in a great mood, which was impossible not to be after the great food and bubbly we had had. Little did we know that we would be split into teams and given challenges!

We were tasked with:

– Getting an item for free
– Selling a CD
– Serving a drink behind a bar to a stranger
– Offering C-Wise services to someone on the street

Running through the hustle and bustle of Camden Market, being fuelled by our competitiveness and excitement my fellow team members and I shamelessly negotiated with storekeepers to give us a free item, confidently sold our C-Wise services, and even managed to serve a pint to a restaurant manager from behind the bar, who may not have approved of our pouring technique, but was equally amused by our efforts. Now all we had to do was sell our CD. Luckily, we bumped into a friendly family from overseas who took a little convincing but when we mentioned that Britney Spears was on the CD the mother jumped at the opportunity and said that she would love to as she could listen to it in the car! Happy client. Happy C-Wise team. We then raced to where our end point was, and we managed to do it in just under 20 minutes!

After having enjoyed a celebratory pint, as instructed, we caught the bus to Kentish Town whilst thinking about our next clue ‘Out of the Comfort Zone’. Of course, this was terrifying, and we ran through all the possibilities of what we could be doing. But only one clever team member managed to guess what we were going to be doing. Recording a song. Our chosen song? Don’t Stop Believing. It took some persuading but eventually we were all on our feet and raring to go!

We listened to ourselves being played back, crying from laughter and we jumped into our transfers and headed to one of the best oyster bars in London, The Wright Brothers. We sat ourselves in the private dining room right next to the kitchen known as The Cage and learnt all about the myths, the health benefits and how to eat oysters like an expert. It’s safe to say that the oysters were not for everyone. In fact, I should say that it was not for a certain someone and they may have let out a screech when trying to put the oyster in her mouth for the third time. The whole experience was equally fun trying them and also watching people’s reactions to trying the oysters!

Eventually the restaurant got quieter and quieter and the C-Wise team was still sharing funny stories about each other and thoroughly enjoying our sorbet dessert which, was indeed very nice, and singing Don’t Stop Believing, we even ended up closing the restaurant. Once out of the restaurant we shared one last laugh and we all parted ways still singing Don’t Stop Believing into the night.

Author: Mercedes Robb Porcel

Images: Collective efforts from the team

Song record: sharing is strictly prohibited – for your own sake 🙂