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Getting Saucy with The Langham!

As if our life at C-Wise couldn’t get more interesting, the amazing suppliers we work with keep on challenging us and finding new ways for the team to have fun!

Yesterday we had one of these moments, we were invited to Sauce at The Langham for a cooking class and it couldn’t have been better!

Hosted by the lovely Jessica and the charismatic Abdullah we were taken through the hotel for a quick, yet amazing site inspection – we even had a sneak peak at the suite that has hosted celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, a bedroom that boasts its own infinity bathtub.

Now that’s what you call a bathtub!!

After our visit around The Langham Hotel it was time to get the job done and start cooking. The Chefs Milly and Frances were waiting at the cookery school to teach us all about making ricotta filled raviolis and chocolate fondant. After a demonstration it was our turn to cook – and did we find out we have amazing chefs within the team!!!

 From spoon feeding each other to teams being able to stretch their pasta to infinite amounts of food there were a lot of moments worth mentioning, but the best thing about last night was spreading our #CWiseSmiles! Dining the dishes we created was the cherry on top of the cake and there were definitely some artists plating up their dishes!

 All the ingredients were reunited for a great experience and with a splash of C-Wise spirit we cooked the perfect dinner!

Thank you so much to The Langham Hotel team, who absolutely gave it a 100% to make our night a memorable one!

It’s said that food brings people together and after last night we couldn’t agree more!