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If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!

That was our slogan for three days in Barcelona during the annual IBTM, when we had over one hundred meetings, shared many happy smiles and most importantly – cut the red ribbon to launch our new festive division called C-Wise España!

Our meetings were based on the smile games, where each #CWiseSmile stood for a different crazy and fun idea to implement in our destinations of England, Scotland, Ireland and Spain!

Here is a selection of pictures with our dear clients, partners and friends! And a huge thank you to everyone for being a part of our favourite time of the year!

Our busy and smiley meetings!

As always, IBTM Barcelona is busy with additional social life, interviews and posing for press, extra surprises like for example #TheBoss unexpectedly arriving on Tuesday evening, and of course moving hips at the Opium on Wednesday night!

Our amazing team, getting energised with new meetings and giving each other a huge portion of boost just with a joke or two!

And the team back in London office sending us themed photos to wish us luck!

We are already looking forward to our next year’s IBTM and in the meantime we are excitedly stepping in the Christmas cards signing and festive time of the year!

Always yours,

C-Wise Smiles