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Inspired by Banksy!

Banksy is now a world-famous artist, whose work has sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds. Especially after he tricked everyone and shredded his “Girl With Balloon” after it was purchased for US$1.4 million at Sotheby’s this year. But once, he was just another kid on the streets of Bristol with a can of spray paint in his hands. As a result, some of his earliest work is hidden around London and Bristol, and spotting it is an absolute must for fans of his work.

Here are some activities that we offer to discover Banksy talent and have some Art-fun!

Start with a Banksy & Street Art Tour trip on mini coopers around London that depicts the story of Bansky life and takes you to the original locations where the art has survived the test of time.

Then go to funky restaurant with unusual and quirky design, have Authentic Italian cocktails with added innovative twists to astonish and delight and dinner in private room with karaoke.

Next day – walking Bansky tour. Walk through East London to see some of the greatest pieces of street art in the area and hear tales about the artists behind the fascinating artwork.

Discover the art district Shoreditch, The City and Hoxton. But we chose a very unusual way for you! Pedi bus! After opening the route just outside of Liverpool Street Station, we’ll soon leave the hubbub of the City for crowds of ‘al fresco’ drinkers in Shoreditch. We’ll pause in the tranquility of Hoxton Square, where there is a large choice of pubs to choose from for a half time stop.

A tailored graffiti workshops managed off-site by trained professional street artists is a perfect idea for team building where each of you will be able to express themselves but also learn something new from each other and from professionals who will introduce your team to graffiti techniques, spray paints and stencil work.

Travel to Bristol to the town where Bansky was born and where he was involved in the wave of street art that took Bristol by storm in the 1980s. Stop in Stonehenge on the way to Bristol, have lunch with a river view, visit the remaining Banksy pieces on the walking tour, stop for Cidre tasting on old converted boat and dine at the restaurant with graffiti design.

On the last day take a private Boat tour to enjoy the city from water on a unique graffiti boat.

Now when you are impressed and fully inspired by English art you are ready to return. Safe flight!

“People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish… but that’s only if it’s done properly.”
― Banksy, Wall and Piece

Author: Ruslana Nychay

Project manager at C-WISE