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Australian Football League

The Australian Football League, or as it’s known down under, Aussie Rules, the game unique to Australia, imagine a cross between Rugby/Gaelic football and American Football, a sport that appears to have very few rules, has been granted its very own public holiday in the state of Victoria in Australia. AFL Grand Final Eve as its affectionately […]

The luxury of your Bath incentive

The invitation came in out of blue, in the middle of a busy working day, when the emails get read only due to priority and urgency. The newly opened Gainsborough Hotel, a member of Luxury Hotels of the World, just before celebrating it’s first anniversary invited C-Wise for a small ‘tasting’ experience! Well, I’ve never […]

Iceland – Like from another Planet

I must confess I was very lucky this year for being able to experience one of the most unique destinations in the world…Iceland! Just by the name, you would think it is located miles away… lost in the middle of the Antarctic ice… But in fact, it is only 3 hours away from London. Iceland is a very special […]

Three parts of the genius

‘I am in love’ – Sara said after one minute of the barman introduction… Not because he was handsome or model looking… But simply because he was SO PASSIONATE about what he was doing!Cafe Royal is an interesting place in London. There are certain things we like it for: stunning Pompadour Suite with amazing terrace […]

The Ashford Fairy Tale

‘Once upon a time there were two princesses who travelled the world to find…’ That was our first Facebook post, when two not quite princesses but experienced and well travelled event planners got speechless for the first time! A grand gate with a friendly concierge welcoming us, as we drive in to 350 acres of […]