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Roaring twenties or Gatsby style party!

There is something special, romantic, dazzling even, about the 20s fashion. Gentlemen in their tuxedos or tailcoats and women in elegant dresses every day, rain or shine! And here we are, arriving for a great evening, all dressed for the occasion – in glamorous silk gowns, accented with beading, sequins and feathers, wearing opulent jewellery […]

Saving water... by drinking champagne!

What a wonderful sustainability mission we had over the weekend – saving water by… drinking champagne! A group of six – all with different interests, backgrounds and industry segments, but yet we had something in common: passion pour le champagne! So here we are, handpicked by Atout France, heading off to the region where none […]

The O2 Climbing experience

The year has already flown by… how are we half way through August, being closer to 2019 than 2017. I am determined to make the most of every weekend that is still Sunny, (well partly sunny, we do live in England), so this weekend I walked over the O2 Arena.   The O2 Arena, also […]

High Tech Incentives in London

Millennium Trilogy… Millennium brought to the World lots of technological masterpieces, high tech ideas, new start-ups, IT growth and gigantic innovation. With Millennium arriving the tallest wheel in the world was launched – London Eye, the first energy saving bridge was open by Norman Foster – Millennium Bridge, the Olympic Arena and the roundest building in […]

#WiseOut thrill we tried and loved!

Planning adventures is our work, passion, mission, expertise… and our life! We spend lots of time researching, testing, quoting and experiencing, so that the final product that reaches the client hits the spot with no doubt! On this occasion we would like to share some amazing motivational and extreme fun that we’ve experienced all over […]