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Incentive... like in a British movie!

One of the most popular and trendy ways to theme your incentive or event is to evolve around the famous plot of the worldwide favourite movie! We are quite lucky that our beautiful countries have been chosen as filming grounds for some of the most iconic TV masterpieces, and of course we would not be […]

Imagination journey to the Balearic paradise!

Port de Soller – a place so similar to happiness! Big news about the luxury Jumeirah property opening in Mallorca hit the industry seven years ago, when we all realised that the renowned leisure destination is going to get very attractive for higher budget events and incentives. So here we are! A group of selected […]

We are now only a handshake away!

We do not remember days, we remember moments! Cesare Pavese! The exact feeling we are having after last week’s playful 5 o’clock G&T on a secret terrace in the heart of Madrid… A variety of G&Ts, Spanish version of ‘fish chips’, pub games championship and of course prize winners! We laughed, we played games and […]

St. Andrews, the hidden gem!

Located on the East coast of Scotland, just a 2-hour drive away from Edinburgh (1 h in train), is St Andrews, a small ancient town brimming with prestige and history.  It doesn’t matter where you look you will be amazed by the stunning stone buildings, and a city like this could not be overlooked by […]

Croquet Breakfast Party in the heart of Moscow

We live in the world of never ending surprises, unique ideas, different solutions and strong loyalty! From our own proposals and clients’ events – to the way we approach and entertain our own customers…  This year our trip to Moscow was different from any other ones, as we decided to bring English ‘outdoors lifestyle’ to […]