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Roaring twenties or Gatsby style party!

There is something special, romantic, dazzling even, about the 20s fashion. Gentlemen in their tuxedos or tailcoats and women in elegant dresses every day, rain or shine!

And here we are, arriving for a great evening, all dressed for the occasion – in glamorous silk gowns, accented with beading, sequins and feathers, wearing opulent jewellery and extravagant accessories. Welcomed by fancy dressed events team at the gorgeous St. James’ Court in the heart of Westminster which had seen quite a bit of a Vintage era, we start the evening with a glass of wine, delicious canapes and an exquisitely dressed crowd of strangers.

The evening was a great fun as we got invited to the Gatsby Night party in groups. C-Wise ladies were the holders of White tickets and were quite looking forward to seeing the show mid-evening.
We all got to dance in Gatsby’s style, in a shining light of the dance floor where everyone enjoyed both the atmosphere and a good dance!

An incredibly talented performer stole the show with her hula hoop acts and a beautifully dressed singer sang some great songs! The toast of the evening was “To new friends” and we all definitely got inspired with ideas for the upcoming Christmas parties.
After all, we all got a chance to become part of the dazzling 20s even if for one night!

Author: Marina Surkova

Projects Team Leader @ C-WISE