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La Vida es un Carnaval!

With the festive season behind us, the C-Wise team are seeking out our next party…. And the carnivals taking place throughout Spain in February do not disappoint!!

Carnaval, as its known in Spain, takes place in the week leading up to Lent, it is one of the most vibrant and lively events in the Spanish calendar!
Each city and region of Spain have a different style of carnival with its own individual atmosphere and ambience, meaning there is something for everyone.

Spaniards dress in colourful, traditional costumes and take to the streets to celebrate the season with music, food and FIESTA!

We have picked out our top 3 destinations to share with you:

Canary Islands
Carnival in the Canary Islands is home to Spain’s biggest and wildest carnival… lasting an impressive three weeks. It is an explosion of fun, music and colour, all over the archipelago parades, dance troupes and outdoor parties fill the air with the joyous atmosphere of a carnival with a long history.

Carnival, a great feast of ingenuity and humour, takes place on the streets and squares of Madrid for several days. It begins with a public appearance and address by one of the celebrities from the balcony of the Casa de la Villa. To fit in with this crowd you must be wearing a mask!

The first document history of Barcelona’s carnival dates back to 1333, and today it is a week long programme of events and processions that starts with the arrival of the King Carnival, and ends when the famous carnival sardine is buried. Be sure to watch out for the shower of confetti!

Here are some of the Incentive activities we would like to suggest during the carnival:

Back stage flamenco
Meet the flamenco talents from the royal theatre for a glass of wine after performance and flamenco master class!

Carnival opening in style
Hire a panoramic terrace for the group for carnival masks workshops, overlooking the gland opening parade!

Film it all!
Take a special pilot drone master class to learn how to film yourselves having tremendous fun during the carnival!

Spanish etiquette
Learn all about special ‘abanico’ (Spanish fan) etiquette for ladies, and torero capes body language for the gentlemen!

The Carnivals start in under one months time so be sure to submit your enquiries in plenty of notice and we would be delighted to assist!

Just email: Hello@Cwise-es.com 

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