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Why Seville Fair should be your next incentive!

Seville Fair, or in other words, ‘Feria de Abril‘, is one of the most colourful events of the year and one not to miss!

The fair starts on the 25th April and ends on the 2nd May… don’t worry, this is plenty of time for an amazing incentive to take place.
During this week the famous Spanish siesta is all forgotten about and replaced with some serious dancing, drinking, eating and socialising!!

Here are some fun activities that we would suggest for your Sevillian adventure!

Join the parade!

A fleet of horse carriages to discover the delights of Seville during a private guided tour ride around the stunning Spanish city.

Welcome sunset!

Private solar catamaran, where you will cruise into the sunset along the city’s main river with traditional tapas and local wine.

Drop off at perfect viewing point…

to watch the start of the ‘Alumbrao’. More than 250,000 light bulbs illuminate the fairgrounds, announcing official start of the Fair.

Become a local for a day!

Enjoy a variety of outfits during your costume workshop, and wear them in the afternoon in order to enjoy the fair like a true local.

VIP caseta treatment!

Make the most of private ‘caseta’ where you will be able to live the real experience of flamenco and sevillana dancing, drinks and food.

A glass of sherry!

Visit a sherry vineyard outside Seville and enjoy your private experience and tasting with a sommelier during your Andalucian lunch.

Horses ballet? Yes please!

Watch an equestrian ballet of Andalusian horses, set to 18th-century Spanish music.

Andalucian traditions

Enjoy the thrill of being in the arena surrounded by locals watching a ‘corrida de toros’.

Incredible costumes, horse and carriage exhibition parades, regional extravagance and lots of fun
ay as well become new symbols of your upcoming incentive trip!

Just email: Hello@Cwise-es.com for an unforgettable experience!

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